Participation rules for Mountain Marathon Sliven


  • Follow the marking. In case of diversion or getting lost call the organizers.
  • Do not leave the competition without informing the organizers.
  • Carrying a water container is obligatory. There will be available water through the track to fill up. From an ecological point of view no plastic bottles will be provided.
  • The use of stimulants, alcohol or other dangerous and/or forbidden resources are prohibited
  • All competitors are obliged to follow strictly the instructions presented by the judges and the rest of the staff.
  • Participants in MTB (mountain biking) are obliged to have the necessary equipment for this kind of biking. (helmet, gloves etc.)
  • Competitors without such equipment will not be allowed to start.
  • All competitors must help every person- other competitor, a judge, staff at the refreshment stands, as well as spectators or tourists in need, no matter the possible delay.
  • The track crosses public and private property which will not be closed for people who do not take part in the competition. Make sure you pass them safely, whether this means slowing down or even stopping in case of need.
  • When crossing towns and villages and roads, please observe the rules. Mountain marathon Sliven crosses thoroughfare, please be extremely careful.
  • Throughout the track the organizers will build refreshment stands at appropriate places. These will provide water, sport beverages and food for the competitors.
  • There will be an information board at every refreshment stand, containing the following information: the name of the current and the next refreshment stands       the distance to the next refreshment stand                                 the stage of difficulty until the next refreshment stand
  • If the medics or the staff decide so they can cease the participants whose physical and mental state do not allow them to continue. Their decision is final and the participant will have to hand in their racing number.
  • Rescue operations from the mountain rescue servise will not be provided from the organizers. Make sure you have the necessary mountain insurance.
  • The organizers keep their right to cancel or stop the competition partly or completely whenever this is required with a view of safety in cases threatening the life and health of competitors or volunteers.
  • The organizers keep their right to stop the participation of a single or more competitors, if they decide that their life or health are threatened.