The three routes for running – 18km , 32km and 54km have the same start (beginning). They are marked with tape. There are some places where the different routes depart, there will be people to help you.

The start will be in the centre of Sliven in front of the building of “Sliven Municipality “. Passing through “Hadzhi Dimitar” square , continue west on “Asenovska” street. Turn right on the third intersection on “Oborishte” street.  Go past MBAL”Tsaritsa Yoanna” and turn to the fift intersection to the left, then go on “Chudomir Kantardzhiev” street. Turn to the first right and follow the path. A smooth climb to “Barmuk” hill begins through long serpentines, which lead to the ” St. Georgi Podedonosets” church.  From there on the climb continuous normally. After that there is a descent to an asphalt route which you have to cross. Continue past the old chemical establishment .After the establishment there is a climb to the shooting range of the establishment on the slope of “Motrun” peak , without climbing the peak himself. From the shooting range follows a descent to the terrain “Selishteto”.  In the pine forest above the “Selishteto” it’s the first refreshment room. That’s the place where the short route of 18 km separates from the other two.

Route 18 km

The route continues with a smooth climb. It is followed by lane markings. 10.6 km after the start , the route connects to tourist path where you should follow the lane markings and continue to the terrain “Marinino Gradishte” .  Coming closer to the pine forest , the path descents to the east down to a rocky path. At the end of the path there is a small chapel and next to it there is drinkable water.  Then go past a wooden bridge above the river and start going down to the terrain “Dolapite”. After passing three “bari” before the bridge on the river and the road, the route takes off to the left and goes to the terrain “Hisarlaka” and the “Tuida” fortress . After the fortress you go down to the centre of the town following “Dobri Dimitrov” street. After the bridge on the third intersection to the left,  there is a tap water which is drinkable too. You continue following “Georgi Rakovski” street which leads  you to the finishing line.

Route 32km and 54km

The route continues to the “St. Spas” Monastery and the terrain “Byalata Voda” (there are lane markings and informational panel available). In the terrain “Byalata Voda” there is drinkable tap water. The route continues to the north following “Trite Buki”, crosses the road and climbs “Balgarka” peak. After a short descent you reach a big crossroad. On this place the two routes separate.

Route 32km

The route continues to the ridge to “Dragieva Cheshma” and terrain “Haramiyata”. There is drinkable water too.

 In the terrain “Haramyata” is the next refreshment room

where the two routes of 32 and 54 km connect.

Route 54km

The route continues past the forest to the terrain “Daulite”.

 There is a descent on the ski slope and you carry on going to

“Hotel Kristal”. After the hotel, you turn right on a dirt road

which you follow till you reach a road. You cross it and keep

 on following the lane markings till you reach the wind

 generator (there is the next refreshment room).  On the

macadam road from the generator you reach the road again.

You get to a crossroad where you continue in the direction of the

 “Rakovo” village. 500 meters after the turning you go on a dirt road.

The lane markings lead to the end of “Rakovo” village. Keep on going in the direction of “Neykovo” village. 1 km after the last building of the village – a farmyard, you continue on a dirt road to the right past the landfill of the village. The dirt road goes past “Luda Kamchiya” river. There is the next refreshment room. You go past four new wooden bridges above the river, and then six crossings through the river are following. You go past “Skutya Cheshma” with drinkable water. Soon after that starts the climb to the terrain “Haramyata”. You should follow the lane markings.

Routes 32 and 54 km

From the terrain “Haramyata” the routes go on together in the direction of “Mecha polyana” and the terrain “Karandila”. Drinkable water can be found from the “Kushbunar” spring and next to the bakery. You continue past “Hija Karrandila” in the direction of the terrain “Slantcheva Polyana” and there is the next refreshing room. A descent to the “Zlatko Chorbadzhi” water source follows (drinkable water). You climb in the direction of “Golyama Chatalka” peak and then a descent to the town Sliven starts. When you reach the terrain “Groba” , you continue southwest on the “Kolarski” road past “Surluka” peak, the terrain “Kendalova Cheshma” to the “Tuida” fortress. On the road before the terrain there is drinkable water source. In the northeastern part of the fortress all routes merge. You start a descent to the centre of the town on “Dobri Dimitrov” street. After the bridge on the third intersection to the left, there is a drinkable water source. You continue following “Georgi Rakovski” street which leads to the finish line.


                                                           START FEE:

Early bird -up to 20.April.2017                                           Regular – up to 01.May.2017

18km – 15€                                                                     18km – 20

32km – 25€                                                                     18km – 35

54km – 35€                                                                     18km – 45



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